Deserts – The Falafel Oasis (Commercial Drive)

Deserts – The Falafel Oasis (reviews, map, 905 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC, Canada, phone: 604-251-4171) is a very casual vegetarian / vegan restaurant that serves Indian-style food.

The restaurant appears to be under new ownership, and from what I can tell, the food has improved, but the place seems to be a bit messier than before. This is definitely not a place to take someone to impress them! However if you want to get full on tasty vegetarian food for $6.00, order their “Chef’s special” (pictured below) and if it’s a nice day, take your plate out to the small patio.

Chefs special from Deserts Restaurant on Commercial Drive.

Chef's special from Deserts Restaurant on Commercial Drive.

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