Milestones Restaurant (Yaletown) – Part 6

Milestones Restaurant (web site, map, 1109 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, phone: 604-684-9111) is a busy, trendy chain restaurant that has been recently renovated in their Yaletown location.

Epicurious, a reviewer on writes (click here to read the full review):

I would not have recognized this Milestone’s if I were just walking by. It looked like a completely new eatery. Outside was modern silver and had some beach wood decor. Inside was also very nice – silvers, beach wood, dark wood etc.). There was a projection screen above the bar that rolled up and out of site when not in use and revealed a nice wood/mirror motif behind it.

I ordered the Seafood Mixed Grill ($21.99, pictured below) which their menu describes as:

Wild West Coast Coho salmon, Corvina sea bass and tiger shrimp, matched with a trio of house made sauces; Mango, Gogi Berry, Gaucho. Served with spinach, bok choy, grape tomatoes and lavender roasted mini potatoes.

This was a bit pricey for lunch (the restaurant uses the same menu at lunch time as dinner) but I am a big seafood fan and thought the salmon, sea bass and shrimp were an excellent combination.

For more photos please view Part 5, Part 4,  Part 3, Part 2, and Part 1.

Seafood Mixed Grill from Milestones Restaurant in Yaletown, Vancouver

Seafood Mixed Grill from Milestones Restaurant in Yaletown, Vancouver

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