Cactus Club Cafe (Yaletown, Downtown)

Cactus Club Yaletown (web site, 357 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, phone 604-685-8070) serves contemporary Pacific Northwest cuisine in a trendy, fun and stylish atmosphere.

A reviewer on writes (click here for review link):

The ambiance is great[…] Cactus Club is consistent across town with the edamame, curly fries and salads being my favourite. It is a great place to meet a buddy for a quick bite or catch up over a drink and appies. The prices are reasonable and the food quality satisfactory.

Pictured below is the Cedar Roasted Salmon entree (priced around $23), fresh steelhead salmon with a pine nut parmesan crust, served on a cedar plank with roasted vegetables and herb and feta fingerling potatoes. Delicious!

Also check out their West Vancouver location with live music.

Cedar Roasted Salmon Entree at Cactus Club ($23)
Cedar Roasted Salmon Entree at Cactus Club ($23)

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    cool photo

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