Christie’s Carriage House Pub (Victoria BC)

Christie’s Carriage House Pub (1739 Fort Street, Victoria, BC, Canada, phone 250-598-5333) is a popular pub in the Victoria area which is located in an authentic heritage house. Christie’s web site describes:

Christie’s Carriage House Pub recreates turn-of-the-century Victoria with flair, charm and comfort. The proprietor welcomes you to meet and share a pint in a comfortable atmosphere with fireplaces in cozy rooms, antique lighting and decor of the Queen Anne period.) At night the Pub is alive with more than the sound of music as friends gather to share the events of the day, team players slip off for a pint, or neighbours gather for a night cap waited on by the friendliest staff in town.

I was in the mood for something lighter so I ordered the Yellowfin Tuna Salad which was a large yellowfin tuna steak grilled medium rare, served with fresh greens, tropical salsa and avocado (pictured below, $12). I also tried the spicy beef lettuce wrap which was also yummy ($3, appetizer special). Click here for more info on Christie’s Carriage House including their menu.

Yellowfin Tuna Salad with tropical salsa and avocado

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