Food Photographer in Vancouver

I’m Geoff Peters (contact:, creator of DineOutHere, and I am a food photographer in Vancouver. Here is my web page about Food Photography in Vancouver.

I offer:

  • high quality images of your restaurant’s actual food
  • closeups to show texture and romance the food, or images giving a sense of place and atmosphere
  • photos of dishes suitable for menus, restaurant web sites, or large poster prints for signs, digital displays, projections, billboards, or posters
  • minor digital editing of photos
  • accurate colors, pleasing composition, good focus and appropriate depth-of-field
  • professional, friendly service, attentive to your restaurant’s needs
  • professional SLR digital camera and lenses. Gear includes a Canon 50mm F1.4 lens and a 17-85mm IS lens.
Squab meets lobster with kabocha squash and rosemary beignets. Shot at West Restaurant in Vancouver by Geoff Peters for enRoute magazine.

Squab meets lobster with kabocha squash and rosemary beignets. Shot at West Restaurant in Vancouver by Geoff Peters for enRoute magazine.


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Please contact me regarding current rates.

Past Clients and History:

I have been focusing my camera on my favorite subject, food, since 2005. Over the years I have continued honing my skills and developing my passion for food photography. I have done assignments for enRoute Magazine (my photos of food were published in the in-flight magazine of Air Canada) – for restaurants such as West (Granville Street) and Grub (Main Street). I also took photos at a menu opening party for the upscale restaurant in Yaletown and the restaurant now features some of these photos on their digital signs. In other work, I have photographed the dishes of a talented Vancouver-based personal chef (Chef Chop Chop) as well as the unique and delicious dishes of Tandoori Delight Foods.

A typical photo shoot:

  • We’ll arrange a time, preferably during the afternoon on a weekend, when your restaurant can prepare some food and can set aside a table by the window for me to take photos. Natural light is best.
  • I’ll arrive at the appointed time, and spend approximately 30 to 60 minutes taking photos of the dishes.
  • I’ll return to my studio and spend approximately 30 minutes selecting the best photos and doing minor editing if necessary.
  • I’ll provide the photos to you electronically or in the desired electronic format (CD, FTP, or YouSendIt).

Typically I can shoot four or five dishes in 60 minutes, and then spend 30 minutes editing the photos.

Food Styling, is it necessary?

Typically for a professional food photo shoot, one or more food stylist is involved. A food stylist will arrange the food in a way that best represents the dish in the most attractive fashion. While I do not offer a food styling service myself, I can provide referrals to food stylists who can work with your chef to make your food look as good as it tastes.

However, a photo shoot with a stylist will often take more time. Depending on the types of images you’re looking for, a shoot may take 4 to 6 hours.

Graphic Design Services?

Typically a restaurant will need some graphic design work done for images that are used in menus or signs. I offer referral services to talented graphic designers in the Vancouver BC Canada area. Please contact me for more information.

A typical invoice will include:

– Time to travel to and from your restaurant from downtown Vancouver (example: 30 minutes)

– Time spent on location (example: 60 minutes)

– Time spent post-processing the photos (example: 30 minutes)

– Digital photo delivery (no extra charge).

Contact for more information:

Please email me at for more information.

Other Food Photographers in Vancouver:

Currently, I am providing on-location photography services for businesses such as restaurants, cafes, hotels or personal chefs. If you are looking for commercial-grade studio photography and food styling in Vancouver, I recommend you talk to Shawn Taylor or Tracey Kusiewicz.