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EPIC Vancouver 2009 – Sustainable Living Expo (Video)

Yesterday I attended the EPIC Vancouver 2009 Sustainable Living Expo, a trade show in Vancouver focusing on green consumer lifestyles and an eco-marketplace.

The show ran from May 8th to 10th 2009 – but don’t worry if you missed it; you can soon visit the trade show’s web site for more info about next year’s show.

Highlights included a speech by Summer Rayne Oakes, ‘the Eco super-model’ who talked about sustainability and the environment, as well as her career as an entrepreneur among other things.

Also there were many eco-friendly merchants such as Vital Gifts selling fair-trade and organic foods and gifts.

I checked out the cool electric cars and fancy bikes, and listened to knowledgeable gardener Steve Whysall, author and Vancouver Sun gardening editor, talk about healthy, sustainable and fuss-free gardens. It was interesting to hear how he makes his garden weed-free by pulling up the weeds before they get a chance to bloom.

The trade show took place at Vancouver’s brand new Trade and Convention Centre which is downtown on the waterfront next to the cruise ship terminal, the Pan Pacific Hotel, CN IMAX Theatre, and Canada Place.

I made a video journal of my experiences attending the conference and have posted it below (or you can view it on Youtube by clicking here). Hope you enjoy Vancouver’s great Spring and eventually Summer weather!  -Geoff

Summer Rayne Oakes, the Eco-Supermodel, talking at the EPIC Vancouver 2009 Trade Show.

Summer Rayne Oakes, the "Eco-Supermodel", talking at the EPIC Vancouver 2009 Trade Show.

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Ouzeri Greek Restaurant

Ouzeri Greek Restaurant (restaurant’s web site, 3189 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC, phone 604-739-9378) is located in the Kitsilano neighborhood of Vancouver, in the “Greek Town” area of West Broadway that also features several great Greek delicatessens and other Greek restaurants.

“Greek day” (web site) is an annual street festival that happens in this neighborhood in June, and is worth visiting for the food and family fun.

At Ouzeri Restaurant, I enjoyed their lamb special, which was slices of lamb roast served with gravy, a deliciously marinated Greek potato, some boiled peas, and a yummy Greek salad (pictured below, $16.95). The price for entrees at this restaurant is in the $14 to $18 range. They also have a decent wine selection; the numerous bottles are displayed in a rack along one wall of the restaurant.

Ouzeri Greek restaurant lamb roast

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Sekoya at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival

Sekoya (myspace) is a Vancouver based band which is pushing the boundaries of the jazz genre into the new realms of electronic soul. Their performance at the 2007 Vancouver International Jazz Festival was a high energy blend of electronic and acoustic beats with soulful vocals by Amalia Townsend and very jazzy horn lines by Alvin Cornista (saxophone/flute) and Kent Wallace (trumpet). You can listen to some of their recordings by visiting their myspace page.

Sekoya performing at the 2007 Vancouver International Jazz festival

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