Stepho’s Greek Restaurant

Stephos Greek Restaurant (visitor reviews, 1124 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 604-683-2555) is so popular that most nights of the week you’ll find people lining up outside the door, waiting to get in. And the wait is worth it, for the portions are huge, prices reasonable, service attentive, and food really tasty. Christine G. Louie writes:

“The kalamari entree was even more enormous than the other dishes and so large that whenever one of us forked a morsel, five or six little kalamari pieces fell to the table ($9.99).”

Pictured below is the roast lamb, which is a steal at $8.99 and is served with rice, potatoes, Greek salad, and a very tasty tomato ratatouille (something that you don’t usually find at Greek restaurants). Everything on the menu is under $10, and the wine is also reasonably priced.

Roast Lamb served at Stephos Greek Restaurant

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One Response to “Stepho’s Greek Restaurant”

  1. A Barratt Says:

    My husband and I have eaten at Stepho’s for over 15 years and always had the greatest food and service. Well, today was a different story for me. I ordered the calamari and moussaka as usual — every time I go there. When the moussaka came to the table, I immediately noticed it was burnt all around the edges, but decided to give it a go anyways. I could not even cut through the entire pie to the bottom layer (and I didn’t need a new knife either). I asked the waiter to provide me with a different piece. He came back and told me the cook said only the corner piece was burnt (yep, burnt) and the rest would be OK as I ‘dived’ into the rest towards the center. He said that the cook had also said that a different piece would be the same. Pardon me, but isn’t the customer always right! It was definitely burnt. I can bet if a male person had sent it back there would have been no problem to send a replacement. I decided not to argue, but once again reiterated to the waiter that IT WAS BURNT. I left Stepho’s with a “sour taste in my mouth” — no pun intended.

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