Kuroshio Sushi Express (Granville and Nelson)

Kuroshio Sushi Express (map, 1011 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, phone: 604-623-3388) is a take-out sushi restaurant in the Granville Street night-club and entertainment district, near the corner of Granville and Nelson Street downtown.

Their best deal is a huge sushi “burrito” ($1.88 plus tax, various kinds), which is a sushi roll that is not cut into pieces. Click here for a picture of the Sushi Burrito.

Pictured below is the Teriyaki Chicken Roll ($3.75) and the Veggie Roll (avocado, cucumber, lettuce, carrot, diakon radish, and inari, $3.00) which were both delicious. The restaurant also prepares large sushi party trays for $25 on special order – be sure to call them a day in advance if you’re ordering the party tray. The restaurant is open late every day, from 12pm to 3am on weekdays and from 5pm to 3am on Saturday and Sunday. For more info please view Part 2 and Part 1. Teriyaki Chicken roll sushi and Vegetarian Sushi
Teriyaki Chicken roll sushi ($3.75) and Vegetarian Sushi ($3.00)

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2 Responses to “Kuroshio Sushi Express (Granville and Nelson)”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Their food is so good. Reasonable price, you cant go wrong. I recommend this place for sure! Great people working their too!

  2. Geoff Says:

    Info about the photo:

    Shot in home “studio”… 1/50, F/16 ISO 400, 50mm lens, Flash ETTL set at +1.75 bounced out of umbrella on left with white reflector on right side. Very little ambient light.

    If I had used a tripod I probably could have got the front sushi piece better in focus. It was my first experiment using a flash to take a food photo.

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