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Tugboat Annie’s Pub in Richmond

Tugboat Annie’s Pub is located on the Fraser River in Richmond, near the Alex Fraser Bridge. It serves casual pub-style food. It’s nice to go for a walk along the river after eating.

Tugboat Annie’s Pub
6911 Graybar Road, Richmond, B.C. Canada.
Web Site:

Chicken fettucini and garlic bread
Chicken fettucini with garlic bread, topped with parmesan cheese.

Beef skewers and rice
Beef skewers and rice.

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Sushi Town in Burnaby BC

One of my favorite Japanese restaurants in Burnaby. Reasonable prices, generous portions, excellent quality.

Sushi Town
5935 East Hastings, Burnaby, BC

Awesome Roll Sushi
The “Awesome Roll” is a colorful explosion of basically a California Roll, topped with masago, miso flakes, and Japanese mayo. Highly recommended.

Ebi Sunomono Salad
Ebi Sunomono Salad is a cold salad made with vermicelli noodles, a tangy sweet broth, slices of red cabbage and carrots, and lots of shrimp on top.

Chopped Scallop Roll and Red Roll
Chopped Scallop Roll is one of my favorites.

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