Baked Pork Chops from Superstore in Vancouver

For a change, I enjoyed a meal cooked at home: some baked pork chops on rice, served with steamed peas and zucchini (pictured below). I bought the ingredients from the Superstore at Rupert and Grandview Highway in Vancouver, which I think is one of the most cost-effective places to shop for groceries in Vancouver. For the pork chops, I used the no-name brand pork coating, which is about half as expensive as the name brand Shake and Bake pork coating, but still is quite flavorful. I also added some sweet plum sauce and a bit of soya sauce. Yum!

Pork chops and rice with zucchini and peas from Superstore in Vancouver.
Pork chops from Superstore in Vancouver.

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