East Garden Chinese Restaurant (Victoria)

East Garden Restaurant (map, 2888 Belmont Avenue, Victoria, BC, Canada, phone: 250-598-1232) is a Chinese restaurant hidden away in a residential neighborhood in Victoria, near the Hillside shopping centre.

The restaurant is very popular for take out and is a local favorite. The restaurant has a large, bright and well-kept dining area that would be suitable for large groups, families, or friends looking for casual dining. We ordered the Dinner Combination for Two, which was around $15 each and also included rice and soup (items pictured below).

The waitress kindly allowed us to substitute some dishes in the combination at a small extra price. I thought the food was really tasty, as well as generously portioned. Our total bill before tip (but including tax) was $33.99, which is quite reasonable considering how many dishes were included. We had lots of food left over, almost enough for another whole meal!

(For a photo of the exterior of the restaurant please visit Tourism Mall.)

Won ton soup at East Garden restaurant

(above) Won ton soup at East Garden restaurant

Chinese Beef and Broccoli from East Garden restaurant in Victoria.

(above) Chinese Beef and Broccoli from East Garden restaurant in Victoria.

Chow Mein noodles from East Garden restaurant

(above) Chow Mein noodles from East Garden restaurant

Deep fried prawns and pork

(above) Deep fried prawns and pork from East Garden Chinese restaurant

Breaded chicken with peanuts

(above) Breaded chicken with peanuts

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6 Responses to “East Garden Chinese Restaurant (Victoria)”

  1. contacts canada Says:


    For taking such beautiful snaps, a good camera and lens are required… What camera have you used for these pics?


  2. Steven Says:

    I love this place. Fast, inexpensive, family business.

    My favorite chow mein around town, great chop suey with lots of different veggies.

    Their salt and pepper squid is sooooo goood.

  3. Allen Says:

    To be utterly honest, the food was far from authentic. Anything that did tickle the palette was from from desirable in any taste. It would be a far stretch for any one looking for a genuine Asian experience to find a satisfactory meal at this restaurant unless one was truly willing to put aside any kind of judgment. Asides from that, the food would be considerable (but just barely) for students to consider. It would not be considered “bad”, but it is a long shot from “good”. Take what you may from that.

  4. Geoff Says:

    Thanks!! Yup, there were some venetian blinds at the restaurant.

    Yes, I use a DSLR, a Canon Digital Rebel XT, and I have a really good lens for this kind of photography, the 50mm F1.4 lens. It’s really good for low light and it can make some incredibly clear pictures. You could probably get similar results with the 50mm F1.8 lens, which is a lot cheaper!!

  5. Sunny Says:

    I too love the photography! These shots are especially interesting because of the light being kept out by the…blinds?

    Do you take your SLR to the Restaurants or something smaller and a little more discreet? May I ask what you shoot with?

  6. Doug Says:

    Nice pics.

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