Tugboat Annie’s Pub in Richmond

Tugboat Annie’s Pub is located on the Fraser River in Richmond, near the Alex Fraser Bridge. It serves casual pub-style food. It’s nice to go for a walk along the river after eating.

Tugboat Annie’s Pub
6911 Graybar Road, Richmond, B.C. Canada.
Web Site: http://www.shelterislandmarina.com/tugboatanniespub.html

Chicken fettucini and garlic bread
Chicken fettucini with garlic bread, topped with parmesan cheese.

Beef skewers and rice
Beef skewers and rice.

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2 Responses to “Tugboat Annie’s Pub in Richmond”

  1. James Says:

    Just to let everyone know that Tugboat Annies run by a new Chef and management since 2010 and the food is way better thanks.

  2. BobWalters Says:

    Worst Restaurant I have ever been to!

    Sorry, for my really negative report, but i’m still recovering from food poisoning! I first entered the restaurant and sat down with my wife, we waited, and waited believe me I am quite patient but after about half an hour I realized that we had been missed. I had to go to the counter and ask for some menus. The atmosphere was extremely loud TV blaring, in fact I could barely talk to my wife. Finally the waitress showed up to take our orders. The waitress seemed upset and it was as if it was a real chore to talk to us! – yes and thank you for wiping the table with that smelly rag – I think I prefered the table before you did that. I ordered some red wine and the appy platter. Then suprise after what seemed like an hour they produced this oily plate of god knows what – my wife and I spent the evening throwing up and running to the bathroom!

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