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Seoul House Korean Restaurant

Seoul House Korean Restaurant (map, 1215 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC, phone 604-739-9001) is one of Vancouver’s oldest Korean restaurants, and is still a favorite for many.

The main attraction here is the Korean Barbecue, where you are given raw meat and seafood to cook at the grill at your table. They also offer a buffet on Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 4pm that is reasonably priced (under $15). During the week there are many a-la-carte items to choose from.

We ordered a really fancy dish with jellyfish (pictured below, around $15), as well as some tofu soup with egg (also pictured below, around $10). There were several tasty condiments/side dishes that were also served with the meal, including the bean sprouts, some cooked potato with a brown sugar sauce, and the famous kim-chi spicy cabbage. A large meal for two was around $21 per person.

There is free underground parking accessible at the alley behind the restaurant, off of Alder street.

Jellyfish dish
Korean Jellyfish dish

Korean Tofu soup
Korean tofu soup with egg

Bean sprouts
Korean bean sprouts

Sugar potatoes
Korean brown sugar potatoes

Korean Kim Chi
Korean Kim-Chi (spicy cabbage)

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Bistro Sakana Japanese Restaurant

Bistro Sakana Japanese Restaurant (web site, 1123 Mainland St, Vancouver, BC, phone 604-633-1280) is a popular lunch (and dinner) spot in Yaletown; it’s a more upscale version of the ubiquitous family-owned Vancouver sushi restaurant, but is not as wild as some of the higher-end Izakaya or fusion Japanese restaurants. At lunch, Bistro Sakana offers healthy Japanese box combos that are cleanly and attractively presented, such as the Lunch Box A (some of which is pictured below, around $14).

Japanese sashimi lunch box

California roll Japanese sushi

Japanese tempura 

Bistro Sakana on Urbanspoon

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Euro Pastry House Yaletown (Part 2)

If you’re in Yaletown and are looking for a really, really big sandwich, hop over to the Euro Pastry House (#114 – 1058 Mainland Street, Vancouver, BC, phone: 604-602-0003) and order the Deluxe Schnitzel Sandwich (pictured below, around $8.50). They also offer some lighter selections.

Deluxe Schnitzel Sandwich

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