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Yaletown Brewing Company (Part 2)

The Yaletown Brewing Company (web site, map, 1111 Mainland St., Vancouver BC Canada, phone: 604-681-2739) is one of Vancouver’s most popular Brew Pubs.

producer4000 writes on (click here to read review):

You don’t go to a plumber to fix your car, so don’t go to a brewery to eat. Yeah, I know what you’re gonna say. Anyhow, we went at noon on Saturday to sample the important stuff. Of the seven brewed on property, none were bad and three were superb and to my liking. The hefeweisen, Red Truck Ale and India Brown Ale were worth the trip. My beer maid was practically like family and the brewmaster was friendly yet very serious about his brews.

Even though I don’t drink beer at work lunches, the Yaletown Brew Pub is a favorite place for me and my coworkers to visit at lunch. I have been skeptical about the food at YBC having had a very, very greasy pizza there once, and the Macaroni and Cheese at $13.99 seems a bit pricy (but who knows, maybe it’s really good! I wonder how it compares to the Mac and Cheese at the Templeton…)

But the YBC has recently added some affordable Asian-influenced dishes to their menu, such as the Classic Kung Pao Chicken ($9.99, pictured below) which was served with toasted chilies, roasted peanuts, garlic, peppers, and jasmine rice. It was nicely presented and tasted surprisingly good.

I’m not the only one who was surprised! cocoeater writes on (click here to read):

Was a bit hesitant on ordering an Asian dish from this brew pub but they do have a lot of Asian noodle dishes on the menu. The Singapore noodles were very good with lots of meat and shrimp. Very surprised.

For more info and another photo please view Part 1. To view their Lunch and Dinner menus, please visit their web site.

Kung Pao Chicken ($9.99) from Yaletown Brewing Company in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Kung Pao Chicken ($9.99) from Yaletown Brewing Company in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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Prima Taste Restaurant (Part 2)

Prima Taste Restaurant (map, web site, 570 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, phone: 604-685-7881) serves authentic, modern Singaporean cuisine in an upscale and casual atmosphere. My friend who is from Malaysia says that Prima Taste is his favorite restaurant in the downtown area, and after visiting on two occasions and falling in love with the flavors, I can really understand why. What’s more, prices are quite reasonable: the main courses are in the $9 to $12 range at lunch time, and a tad more for dinner time.

Pictured below is a delicious chicken dish (of which I forgot the name, priced around $11 and  included soup and rice). Also shown below is the Laksa Prawns dish ($9.50). The Laksa Prawns featured some succulent cooked prawns served with inari bean curd, fish cakes, and noodles in a rich broth made with coconut milk(?) and some hot spices. This was a real treat and I finished every last drop!

For some more info and photos, please view Part 1.

Singaporean Chicken dish

(above) Singaporean Chicken dish, also served with rice and soup.

A Singaporean dish, the Laksa Prawns ($9.50)

(above) a Singaporean dish, the Laksa Prawns ($9.50)

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Prima Taste Restaurant (Robson)

Prima Taste Restaurant (570 Robson St. Vancouver, BC, Canada, phone: 604-685-7881) serves authentic Singaporean cuisine in a modern, stylish Robson street location, just east of the Future Shop on Granville and Robson. I enjoyed the Seafood Platter ($17.95, pictured below) which included a wonderful selection of seafood including prawns and squid, as well as spring rolls, rice, a tasty Singaporean condiment served cold (that I think was made of chilis), and a garnish of carrot.

A reviewer on writes (click here for review link):

I had lived in Singapore for 30 years before transplanting myself to Vancouver. For years I craved the savoury and south-east Asian flavors that uniquely belonged to Singapore, because of its modernity and ability to fuse cosmopolitan flavors. Anyway, I got really excited when I heard that this new restaurant opened. I had been disappointed many times by establishments flaunting the “Singapore” brand of food […] TEARS ROLLED DOWN MY CHEEKS and dripped into my soup as the first spoonful of Hainanese Chicken Rice entered my mouth…My only complaint is that the condiments of chilli, dark soy and ginger were too little.

Singaporean Seafood Platter
Singaporean Seafood Platter ($17.95)

Prima Taste interior
Prima Taste interior – the decor is sleek and modern

Seafood Platter
Another closeup of the Seafood Platter ($17.95)

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