Clubhouse Japanese Restaurant

Clubhouse Japanese Restaurant (web site, 255 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, phone 604-879-8998) has an eclectic set of menus with everything from the familiar sushi rolls, sashimi, and teriyaki, to more exotic rolls with ingredients such as cream cheese, and names like “Appetizer for Sumo Wrestler” and “Happy Unagi Roll”. Don’t miss the house specialty, which is okonomiyaki (pictured below) – also known as Japanese pizza – a crepe-like creation made with seafood or your choice of other tasty ingredients ($7.95). Their drinks are excellent too: on a hot day try one of their daiquiris made with fruit slush and rum ($5.25), or one of their non-alcoholic fruit slushies ($3.65).

Okonomiyaki Japanese Pizza

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