Speakeasy on Granville

The Speakeasy on Granville (map, 921 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, phone: 604-685-5531) is a pub located on the downtown Granville strip between Smithe and Nelson (closer to Smithe).

Digging up on Wikipedia reveals a bit about the history of the Speakeasy:

A speakeasy was an establishment which illegally sold alcoholic beverages during the period of United States history known as Prohibition (1920–1932, longer in some states).

Darien, a writer from Vancouver, comments on yelp.ca (click here to read review):

The drink prices are downtown average and the place is deceptively large. I often come to this spot when I want to get a drink late on a Friday or Saturday night. Due to the size of the room, one tends to be able to sit down most times during the evening. This is certainly not a destination, but true to the name is a relaxed place to unwind.

Pictured below are the nachos and beer that I ordered with my friends. The food tasted great, and was around $10.

Nachos from the Speakeasy on Granville (pub in downtown Vancouver).

Nachos from the Speakeasy on Granville (pub in downtown Vancouver).

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8 Responses to “Speakeasy on Granville”

  1. Pat Says:

    I was offended and upset by the ad board outside the restaurant, on the street. It was advertising drink specials. One of the drinks on the ad board was “Dirty Hooker Shot…$4.00”. I talked to the “hostess” and she condescendingly said it was a popular drink name in Vancouver. (uh..that doesn’t make it right).I contacted the Hate Crimes Unit of the VPD but they said it didn’t qualify as a hate crime. However, I think it’s words like that which start hate. Bad on Speakeasy. I will never go there. p.s. I’m not a hooker, but I feel awful for anyone being called “a dirty whatever”….that is so mean and judgemental!

  2. Nicest Guy Says:

    Hate this place, waste of time.
    Host was very disrespectful and disrespectful.
    I’ve never been in a fight and yet my girlfriend hustled me out of that place before I punched the bigot as there was no reason other than race that we were treated to rudely.

  3. Ely Says:

    Do not dine here! The staff are terribly rude and disrespectful. Also, a 15% gratuity charge is included on all nills even when the service is bad and the staff are impolite.

  4. Unhappy Customer Says:

    After years of partaking in a festive drinks at The Speakeasy, I was humiliated in front of colleagues by the staff.
    Do not DINE HERE

  5. Meghan Says:

    Nachos look amazing, wondering though do you have to be 19 to get in?

  6. Harlow Says:

    We went there with a big group of us about 20 people. M we had n awsome time. They deffenetly have Awsome food. Great atmosphere, n great service. It’s a great place to go with girlfriends or even couples or a guys night out. They show lots of sports n they,re quit busy all the time. It’s defenetly one of my fav places on Granville street. Two thumps up!

  7. Sean Says:

    I come here most Friday nights. The service is good, Ive only eaten in there once but it was good food. Great relaxed atmosphere, I definitely recommend it.

  8. I Love Food Blog Says:

    Those nachos look great! I’ll have to check it out. I’m on a Nachos hunt now.

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