Excellent Sushi Japanese Restaurant (Downtown)

Excellent Sushi Japanese Restaurant (address: 1157 Granville Street, Vancouver, phone: 604-687-0038, or 604-681-0009) offers combinations of sushi and other Japanese items at rock-bottom prices. Enjoy a combination including miso soup, California roll, chicken teriyaki, noodles or rice, green salad, and tempura, for an unbelievable price of only $6.00 plus tax. No kidding! This restaurant is a good find for travelers or students on a budget, if you’re willing to venture to this somewhat rougher-on-the-edges part of Granville Street that is only a couple blocks from the trendy Yaletown district.

Sushi combination box

Mango tuna avocado roll

Miso soup

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12 Responses to “Excellent Sushi Japanese Restaurant (Downtown)”

  1. Lilian Says:

    Would like to know you email address

  2. Adrian Says:

    Come here all the time when i go to Vancouver, One of my many favorite sushi restaurants, cheap and keeps me in line with my budget, for detailed reviews follow me on twitter by clicking my name

  3. howard Says:


  4. Leah Says:

    Excellent Sushi is everything that their name implies! They have never failed to satisfy my taste buds while providing me with affordable and fresh sushi. Their service is prompt and reliable. How would you go wrong for $5.00 plus tax? 🙂 Delightful!

  5. Sarah Says:

    The foood’s so good, and omg, the manager guy is so hot. <3

  6. Anna Says:

    I love it here, i work down the street and always order for pick up, so im never actually at the restaurant, but the food is amazing, if you like spicy food, try the spicy chicken tempura roll, its really good, the sashimi also really good, i always get the five dollar deal and an extra roll on top of that, as i work long hours and it feeds me for my whole shift, theres nothing bad i can really say about this place, i dont think that decorations are all that important in a place if the food is good, and the staff are always really friendly
    two thumbs up for sure

  7. Julie Says:

    I LOVE Excellent sushi! I was so disheartened to realize one day that it was no longer on Seymour St, and then one day to my delight I saw it pop up on Granville.

    It’s good sushi for unbelievable prices! Not a fine-dining establishment but then if you’re charging $5.00 for miso soup, california roll, yam tempura roll, and tuna roll (22 pieces!) it doesn’t leave you much cash to spend on useless candles or lighting.

    Check it out, you wont be dissappointed!

  8. Kat Says:

    Excellent Sushi is, as it’s name implies, excellent. Sushi has been one of favorite foods for most of my life, and I consume it most weeks, often multiple times. Although my family and I frequent more “high-end” establishments, Excellent Sushi is hands-down my favorite.

    Although the ambiance leaves much to be desired, the food is delicious, and a major price performer. As other reviewers have mentioned, the five dollar, 22 piece sushi special is a screaming deal, and their California rolls are truly to die for! (Also, you can upgrade your 22 piece sushi special to include an extra California roll for only a dollar more!) And, most important to me, their miso soup is always served piping hot and is without a doubt, the most delicious miso I have ever had. I have travelled more than half an hour just for their miso soup. It’s THAT GOOD!

    A minor critique: Unlike most sushi restaurants, both their tamago and their yam tempura rolls are served warm. Although I have gotten used to the yam roll, and now thoroughly enjoy it, I find their warm tamago entirely inedible (although my boyfriend gobbles it right up!)

    Regardless of the lack of decor and the warm tamago, Excellent Sushi remains my favorite sushi restaurant, not only due to cost (My boyfriend and I eat there for under $15, while at other sushi restaurants we pay from $30 to as much as $80) but because they have some of the most delicious food I have ever come across.

    Excellent Sushi, I love you.

  9. tamosius Says:

    best California rolls.. EVER! Don’t be fooled by the appearance inside.. the food is really great!

  10. jOE Says:

    aWESOME place, I go here for lunch everyday!!

    Can ‘t go past the $5 special

  11. Max Says:

    Excellent sushi is amazing. If you’re on a budget, try the 22-piece combo with your choice of dynamite roll, california roll, BC roll or chicken roll as well as a tuna roll, miso soup, and your choice of cucumber roll, avacado roll, tofu roll, or yam tempura roll all for $5.00. Is it any wonder the place is called Excellent Sushi?

  12. Rachel Says:

    I looove excellent sushi. It is truly excellent. And cheap.

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