Shabusen Japanese Yakiniku House (Burrard Street)

Shabusen Japanese Yakiniku House (web site, 755 Burrard Street, Unit 202, Vancouver, phone 604-669-3883) is an immensely popular all-you-can-eat Japanese Sushi and Korean BBQ restaurant conveniently located on Burrard Street near the trendy downtown Robson shopping strip, and near the Burrard skytrain station. At lunch you can enjoy an all-you-can-eat sushi meal (pictured below) for $13.50, which on weekends and holidays also includes all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ. (Korean BBQ is where you are given bowls of your favorite marinated meats and you cook the meat yourself at a grill set into your table.) Dinner prices are around $23.

The decor at this restaurant is worth noting too: above the sushi bar is some wild florescent lighting, and some of the larger tables are set inside wooden boats complete with sails. This restaurant is a definite must for visitors who want to experience something that truly speaks of Vancouver, where surprisingly good food quality and quantity combine at a meeting of western and Asian cultures. Reservations are recommended.

All you can eat sushi in Vancouver

Chicken teriyaki
Chicken Teriyaki

Sunomono Salad
Japanese Sunomono Salad (cold rice noodles in a sweet vinegar broth with a few vegetables)

Tomago sushi (egg) and Salmon Sushi
Tamago sushi (egg) and Salmon Sushi

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3 Responses to “Shabusen Japanese Yakiniku House (Burrard Street)”

  1. Babe Says:

    I have been going here for over 10 years and always enjoy the friendly service and great food. The food is FRESH and comes to your table fast. I love it here ! I bring all my friends that are new to Vancouver . There is something for everyone here to eat. It is THE BEST!

  2. Geoff Says:

    It’s Soy Sauce or “Shoyu” in Japanese.

  3. Josh Gordon Says:

    We are trying to figure out the name of the sauce you dip sushi in?Pleas help

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