Tomokazu Japanese Restaurant (part 2)

Tomokazu Japanese Restaurant (more photos, 20-1128 West Broadway, Vancouver, phone 604-677-0426) is one of the best all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants in Vancouver, if you enjoy the more exotic sushi creations. The menu has pretty much everything you can find at various all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurants anywhere in Vancouver, plus some unique items that are hard to find at other places. If you’re adventurous be sure to try the lobster sushi, abalone sushi, shark fin sushi, prawn tempura, unlimited raw oysters, salmon roe sushi, tuna belly, mackerel, soft shell crab, oyster motoyaki, seafood cones, or unlimited sashimi (many varieties). Price for an all-you-can-eat dinner is $22.95, which is worth it if you order more of the expensive items. Be sure to try the cold mango pudding for dessert.

Assorted Japanese Sashimi

Some exotic nigiri sushi

Delicious Raw Oysters (kaki pon)

Soft shell crab maki roll, and spicy seafood Japanese cone

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4 Responses to “Tomokazu Japanese Restaurant (part 2)”

  1. Annika Maikariakan Says:

    Shark Fin? despicable. Boycott Tomokazu!

  2. Chris Says:

    I agree with Pritisha. Regardless if it is “real” shark fin. Perpetuating the idea of eating shark fin is just as bad as eating the real thing. If a person that cared for the environment were to eat shark fin, it would be no different than a vegan wearing faux-leather. If you continue the idea that wearing leather is a good thing, the consumers and producers of leather will continue in the behaviour because it is socially acceptable. Putting shark fin sushi on their ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT menu is disgusting and despicable. Boycott Tomokazu, they should fell so ashamed of bringing this normalization to a green, and socially aware city.

  3. Pyros Says:

    So basically jumping to conclusions and assuming its “real shark fin” is the right answer right?

    Try to not make so many assumptions you might get a better “repertoire” when commenting.

  4. Pritisha Says:

    I am disgusted that this restaurant serves a vanity product like shark fin. Sharks are endangered, slow to recover (population-wise), and more than essential to our world. These days they also contain traces of mercury from population so they’re poisioning their customers. Any restaurant that uses shark fin deserves to go bankrupt for putting profit over the good of the world.

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