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Tinseltown Food Court

Tinseltown is a relatively new (and still sparsely occupied) shopping mall with a large movie theatre complex located on the border between downtown Vancouver and the downtown East Side / Chinatown area. This is an area of town that is in transition, with many fancy new condos being constructed, but still is one of Vancouver’s more graphic parts of town (88 W Pender, Vancouver 604-806-0799). Tinseltown and its food court are easily accessible by Skytrain, just steps away from the Stadium station and GM Place Stadium. The food court is cash only and some really good deals can be found here, such as a heaping plate of Thai fast food for only $5.00 (pictured below). Also check out the salad rolls made fresh to order from the Vina Vietnamese restaurant (served with peanut sauce – yum!).

Thai fast food from the food court at Tinseltown.

At the movies. (Tinseltown, Vancouver, BC, Canada)

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Restaurant at Halifax Airport (Nova Scotia, Canada)

While visiting the Halifax Airport (web site) in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, be sure to drop by the food court located in the centre of the airport, and enjoy some fast food before your flight. Pictured below is the Cajun Chicken Wrap with a side Caesar salad which was $8.48 before tax, which I purchased from the Brisket Deli. After eating, take the elevator up to the airport observation deck and sit in the comfy chairs while watching planes take-off and land through gigantic floor-to-ceiling windows. The observation deck is also a popular plane-watching destination for families with children and can be accessed even without a boarding pass.

Cajun chicken wrap

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Canada Place (Vancouver Convention Centre)

Canada Place (web site, 780-999 Canada Place, Vancouver, (604) 775-7200) is Vancouver’s trade and convention centre, located on the waterfront in Vancouver’s downtown business district. Home of the very fancy Pan Pacific Hotel (which is where many celebrities and hockey players stay while they are in town), Canada Place is well known as a Vancouver landmark for its rooftop sails. The same building contains Vancouver’s cruise ship terminal and attractions such as the CN Imax Theatre, food court, and fine restaurants. The modern architecture of the building (pictured below) is worth a visit in itself.

Vancouver's Trade and Convention Centre downtown 

Canada Place - Vancouver's cruise ship terminal

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