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Zachary’s on Robson (Part 4)

I made another visit to Zachary’s on Robson (121 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC, phone 604-605-1472) and this time I enjoyed the Curry Prawns special ($11.95, pictured below). Zachary’s is part of the Hampton Suites hotel which is across the street from BC Place Stadium in downtown Vancouver. It is also very close to GM Place Stadium and Queen Elizabeth Theatre. More photos and info: Part 3, Part 2, Part 1.

Curry Prawns ($11.95)
Curry Prawns ($11.95)

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Section 3 (Yaletown)

Section Three (web site, 1039 Mainland Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, phone 604-684-2777) is a trendy, funky restaurant in Yaletown with eclectic decor and a tempting menu with Pacific Northwest fusion cuisine. The restaurant is open late and has live DJ’s in the evening, as well as a popular patio in the summer.

I ordered the lunch special, a truly marvelous chorizo sausage wrap (pictured below) that was served with my choice of soup, salad, or fries for $7.95 (I picked the salad). The wrap was really good, much better than I expected, and I loved the combination of colorful ingredients that accompanied the sausage.

The restaurant is currently featuring a special menu for the Dine Out Vancouver event that runs until February 3, 2008 (view event website at Tourism Vancouver). Their Dine Out Vancouver menu is a complete three course meal that includes a soup or salad to start, a steak, chicken breast, or pasta as the main event, and fresh berries or chocolate cake for dessert, all for $25.00 (before tax, tip and drinks).

Chorizo sausage wrap and organic salad
Chorizo sausage wrap served with salad for $7.95 (lunch special) 

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Red Sea Cafe (Ethiopian Restaurant)

The Red Sea Cafe (670 East Broadway, Vancouver, BC, Canada, phone 604-873-3332) is an authentic Eritrean and Ethiopian restaurant located on East Broadway near Fraser street.

The menu has a good selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian items, with vegetables such as okra, kale, green beans, and cabbage, and meats including chicken, lamb, or beef (some of which is pictured below).

The stewed vegetables or meats are served on a spongy-like sourdough flatbread called injera. (Click here for more info about Ethiopian cuisine.) In the Ethiopian traditional cuisine, those enjoying the meal use their right hand to pick up pieces of the stew with the injera and eat without utensils. At the Red Sea Cafe you have the opportunity to eat the traditional way, or you can use a fork and knife if you wish.

Prices are very reasonable: one serving of a meat or vegetable with injera costs around $8.00. If you are very hungry, they offer a combination platter for two to share, that has four items (around $15 per person, including tax and tip).

Spiderwoman, a reviewer on (click here for review link) writes:

I tried this restaurant for the first time the other day.
Got #4 on the menu. A lamb dish with tumeric, ginger, etc…

I was really pleased with the ambiance. It’s so clean and peaceful.

The food was fun to eat.

Traditional Ethiopian cuisine
Traditional Ethiopian cuisine – stewed meats or vegetables served on a sourdough flatbread.

The decor of the Red Sea Cafe features some interesting art pieces from Africa
The decor of the Red Sea Cafe features some interesting art pieces from Africa.

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