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Wing Kee Chinese Restaurant

Wing Kee Seafood Restaurant (web site, 120-8260 Granville Avenue, Richmond, BC, Canada, phone 604-270-1825) specializes in Hong Kong Style Fried Crab (pictured below) as well as other seafood, barbecue pork, and wonton soup. They offer Chinese food delivery to the Richmond area until 3am. We had a large group and we ordered one dish each plus three crabs, and the price came out to approximately $25 per person including tax and tip. There are many Chinese restaurants in the Richmond area, but Wing Kee is where my family usually ends up going. We agreed after our latest meal that everything on the table was delicious!!

Salt and pepper spicy fried crab
Salt and pepper spicy fried crab

Steamed crab with ginger and green onion sauce
Steamed crab with ginger and green onion sauce

Sweet and sour pork
Sweet and sour pork

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Ben.z Noodle Restaurant (Vietnamese)

Ben.z Noodle Restaurant (536 Seymour Street, 604-688-8385) is a recently opened Vietnamese restaurant that is within walking distance of the Waterfront skytrain station, Canada Place convention center and cruise ship terminal downtown. The menu is very friendly even to newcomers to this delicious cuisine, with only a few main choices and lots of pictures.

The Vietnamese Salad Rolls ($5.25, pictured below) are one of my favorite items: prawns, vermicelli noodles, and vegetables are wrapped in a delicate rice wrapper, served cold with peanut dipping sauce. The beef pho soup (reasonably priced at $7.75, also pictured below) is a huge bowl filled with various kinds of meats and noodles in a steaming broth.

This is comfort food at its best and is perfect for a rainy Vancouver day. The soup is served with a side plate of bean sprouts, fresh herbs, hot peppers, and a couple slices of lime (also pictured below).

Vietnamese Salad Rolls

Pho Vietnamese Soup

Bean sprouts and garnish

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Yopo Cafe (Yaletown Chinese Food)

Yopo Cafe (web site, 1122 Homer Street, Vancouver, BC, phone: 604-609-9676) is a tiny, bright, well kept Chinese restaurant in the upscale Yaletown shopping/restaurant district in downtown Vancouver. Lunch specials such as the lemon chicken on rice with shredded pork chow mein (pictured below) are served with soup, and are a reasonable $7.00 (or $6.45 if you get just one of the items). This restaurant is very popular for take out, and the kitchen is quite fast. They also offer an extensive Chinese food menu with over 100 items, which is pretty amazing considering their tiny kitchen. And what’s more, they provide free Chinese Food delivery to the Vancouver area for orders $20 and up, from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

Chinese food: shredded pork chow mein and lemon chicken on rice

Yopo Cafe on Urbanspoon

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