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Wild Ginger Restaurant (Tinseltown)

Wild Ginger Restaurant (web site, 604.893.8608, 2015 – 88 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC) is a spacious, 120 seat restaurant hidden away behind the Tinseltown Mall food court, on the second level of the mall below the movie theatres. The Asian Pacific post writes:

Tantalizing fusion cuisine mixes local flavours with those of the Far East. Fun dishes to try include Kung Pao Power, Sticky Ribs, Mayo Mayo, and Spring Blossom Rolls.”

The menu features a selection of Chinese and Korean fusion dishes, as well as cook-at-your table Korean barbecue. Visit at lunch time for the best deals: a large entree with soup and salad goes for approximately $6.99. At dinner time the average entree price is around $16.00. Pictured below is the “Happy Family” entree ($16.99), which is a tasty mix of choice seafood, meat, and vegetables stir-fried and served in a sweet ginger and garlic sauce.

Happy Family stir fry with seafood and bbq pork

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Tinseltown Food Court

Tinseltown is a relatively new (and still sparsely occupied) shopping mall with a large movie theatre complex located on the border between downtown Vancouver and the downtown East Side / Chinatown area. This is an area of town that is in transition, with many fancy new condos being constructed, but still is one of Vancouver’s more graphic parts of town (88 W Pender, Vancouver 604-806-0799). Tinseltown and its food court are easily accessible by Skytrain, just steps away from the Stadium station and GM Place Stadium. The food court is cash only and some really good deals can be found here, such as a heaping plate of Thai fast food for only $5.00 (pictured below). Also check out the salad rolls made fresh to order from the Vina Vietnamese restaurant (served with peanut sauce – yum!).

Thai fast food from the food court at Tinseltown.

At the movies. (Tinseltown, Vancouver, BC, Canada)

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