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Vancouver Flea Market Cafeteria (Video)

I made a visit to the Vancouver Flea Market (web site, map, 703 Terminal Ave. Vancouver, BC, Canada, phone: 604.685.0666) and tried their cafeteria.

In case you haven’t heard of the Vancouver Flea Market before, here’s a little description from their web site:

The Vancouver Flea Market is a thriving environment where all kinds of dealers and sellers propose their treasures. Here you will find all kinds of things from collectibles and memorabilia to everyday household items as well all the things you thought you didn’t need!

The market is a 5 – 10 minute walk from the Main Street Skytrain station. Admission to the market is only 75 cents, and that lets you into the main showroom where you can browse all the tables of endless cool stuff (I picked up a piece of fools gold crystal for $8), and into their busy cafeteria which serves filling, hot American-style food at very low prices.

Speaking of the food, we tried the Traditional Burger (an amazing deal at $3.85, shown in video below) and the T.O.C. Omelette ($4.50, also shown in video below), which was a 3-egg omelette with tomato, onions, cheese, toast, and a small coffee. I opted to get an apple juice instead of the coffee and it only added about 40 cents to the price. The food is quite similar to Denny’s restaurant but is cheaper, and the atmosphere is not as fancy as Denny’s.

I made a video of the dishes, which you can view by clicking here, or use the player below. I’ve also included a photo of the menu below.

Vancouver flea market cafeteria menu

Vancouver flea market cafeteria menu

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Kuroshio Sushi Express (Late night sushi on Granville) – Part 4

Kuroshio Sushi Express (map, 1011 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, phone: 604-623-3388) is my favorite place for late night sushi in downtown Vancouver. Located in the middle of the Granville Street entertainment district, this popular take-out restaurant is open late (until 3:00 AM) every day, opening from 12pm on weekdays and from 5pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Sushi combinations (such as those pictured below) go for around $6.00, or for a quick bite, try one of their sushi “burritos” ($2 to $3, assorted varieties) which are a sushi rollup that is not cut into pieces, making it easy to eat on the way to the next nightclub! The restaurant also caters well to vegetarians, with a great veggie sushi combo.

Late at night, Kuroshio takes on a party-like atmosphere with a good subwoofer/sound system, and a steady stream of nightclub goers passing through. It’s next door to the Megabite pizza on the corner of Granville and Nelson streets.

The restaurant also can prepare large sushi party trays for $30 (please call the restaurant a day in advance to order). I live near by, and my party guests have really enjoyed these trays. For more photos and info please view Part 3, Part 2, and Part 1.

Sushi in downtown Vancouver, open late.

Sushi in downtown Vancouver, open late.

Late night sushi in downtown Vancouver on Granville Street.

Late night sushi in downtown Vancouver on Granville Street.

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Deserts – The Falafel Oasis (Commercial Drive)

Deserts – The Falafel Oasis (reviews, map, 905 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC, Canada, phone: 604-251-4171) is a very casual vegetarian / vegan restaurant that serves Indian-style food.

The restaurant appears to be under new ownership, and from what I can tell, the food has improved, but the place seems to be a bit messier than before. This is definitely not a place to take someone to impress them! However if you want to get full on tasty vegetarian food for $6.00, order their “Chef’s special” (pictured below) and if it’s a nice day, take your plate out to the small patio.

Chefs special from Deserts Restaurant on Commercial Drive.

Chef's special from Deserts Restaurant on Commercial Drive.

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