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Bo Kong Vegetarian Restaurant

Bo Kong Vegetarian Restaurant (visitor reviews, 3068 Main Street, Vancouver, phone 604-876-3088) is a Buddhist Chinese restaurant that serves a large selection of tofu and gluten vegetarian dishes. You won’t miss the meat, even in dishes like the wonton soup (pictured below) or the pineapple sweet and sour delight (also pictured below). This restaurant is very popular among vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Dinner for two with soup, rice, and two dishes came to around $30.

Wonton soup

Sweet and sour delight

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Tinseltown Food Court

Tinseltown is a relatively new (and still sparsely occupied) shopping mall with a large movie theatre complex located on the border between downtown Vancouver and the downtown East Side / Chinatown area. This is an area of town that is in transition, with many fancy new condos being constructed, but still is one of Vancouver’s more graphic parts of town (88 W Pender, Vancouver 604-806-0799). Tinseltown and its food court are easily accessible by Skytrain, just steps away from the Stadium station and GM Place Stadium. The food court is cash only and some really good deals can be found here, such as a heaping plate of Thai fast food for only $5.00 (pictured below). Also check out the salad rolls made fresh to order from the Vina Vietnamese restaurant (served with peanut sauce – yum!).

Thai fast food from the food court at Tinseltown.

At the movies. (Tinseltown, Vancouver, BC, Canada)

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Kiroshiu Sushi Express

Kiroshiu Sushi Express (at Granville and Nelson, downtown Vancouver) is a new addition to the Granville strip that offers mainly take-out sushi rolls at rock-bottom prices. You can get a “sushi burrito” such as the one pictured below for only $2.00 (or $2.50 depending on the ingredients). These un-cut sushi rolls are the perfect snack food and are easy to eat without chopsticks. Obviously this restaurant is trying to compete with the $1.50 pizza place next door.

Sushi roll burrito (Japanese fast food)

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