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Club House Japanese Restaurant – Part 2

Clubhouse Japanese Restaurant (web site, map, 255 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada, phone: 604-879-8998) is a casual Japanese restaurant near False Creek that has an eclectic and wide-ranging menu with everything from the typical sushi and teriyaki to specialty items such as Japanese Pizza and curry.

Christine G. Louie writes in the Peak, SFU’s student newspaper (click here to read article):

The Umai tofu salad ($5.75) is a great summer salad, and incredibly cheap considering the size and content of the salad. The salad consists of a heaping bed of crisp iceberg lettuce, generous amounts of shredded carrots and beets, cubes of fresh tofu and peanut buttery gomae spinach. Finally, the salad is topped off with a generous amount of a refreshing ginger miso dressing that pulls all the ingredients together. Chilled slices of cucumber and tomato adorn the rim of the large, white plate. I’m not a vegetable or tofu fan, and I love this salad.

The Clubhouse is about a 15 minute walk from Yaletown, a scenic stroll over the Cambie bridge that is stunning at night. It’s also close to major Vancouver transit routes which you can find using Google Transit or Translink.

Pictured below is the large Mixed Seafood Okonomiyaki Pizza served on yakisoba noodles ($16.50). This was really delicious and very filling (I took some of it home and enjoyed a snack later in the evening). Christine writes in her review, “Okonomiyaki is a flat, savory pancake, similar to a latke, but made with flour, shredded cabbage, egg, and other various ingredients. It takes about 20 minutes to cook on the griddle, arrives piping hot, and is covered in a tasty Japanese sauce…” Thanks Christine!

Also pictured below is the pan fried garlic butter squid ($6.95). Yum!

For another photo and more info please view Part 1.

Mixed Seafood Okonomiyaki Japanese pizza served on Yakisoba noodles ($16.50) from Clubhouse Restaurant in Vancouver.

Mixed Seafood Okonomiyaki Japanese pizza served on Yakisoba noodles ($16.50) from Clubhouse Restaurant in Vancouver.

Garlic Butter Squid ($6.95) from Clubhouse Japanese Restaurant in Vancouver.

Garlic Butter Squid ($6.95) from Clubhouse Japanese Restaurant in Vancouver.

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Deserts – The Falafel Oasis (Commercial Drive)

Deserts – The Falafel Oasis (reviews, map, 905 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC, Canada, phone: 604-251-4171) is a very casual vegetarian / vegan restaurant that serves Indian-style food.

The restaurant appears to be under new ownership, and from what I can tell, the food has improved, but the place seems to be a bit messier than before. This is definitely not a place to take someone to impress them! However if you want to get full on tasty vegetarian food for $6.00, order their “Chef’s special” (pictured below) and if it’s a nice day, take your plate out to the small patio.

Chefs special from Deserts Restaurant on Commercial Drive.

Chef's special from Deserts Restaurant on Commercial Drive.

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Da Tandoor (Victoria)

Da Tandoor (1010 Fort St, Victoria, BC, Canada, phone: 250-384-6333) is a cozy, authentic Indian restaurant near downtown Victoria. I enjoyed the Chef’s Special Platter ($20, pictured below) which came with Tandoori chicken, chicken Tikka, prawn skewer, two vegetarian side dishes, rice, naan, and an appetizer. It was really delicious, but the chef could have easily used a bigger plate which would have given him/her more room to present all the tasty food.

Chef's special platter

(above) Chef’s special platter at Da Tandoor restaurant in Victoria

Naan bread

(above) Naan bread from Da Tandoor restaurant in Victoria

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