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The Noodle Box (Kitsilano)

The Noodle Box (web site, map, 1-1867 4th Avenue West, Vancouver, BC, Canada, phone: 604-734-1310) is a South East Asian noodle bar (near Burrard and 4th) that is popular with the young, hip student crowd for casual dining and drinks. The restaurant is cafeteria style in that there is no table service: you order and pay first, and then find a table yourself. When your food is ready one of the chefs will call out your name. The atmosphere is high-energy and lively, making this a great place for hanging out with friends and people watching. Prices for entrees are in the $10 to $14 range, such as the Thai Green Curry (pictured below, around $12), which I ordered with a chicken and prawns combination. Thai spices were simmered in coconut milk and lime juice, served with rice noodles, Asian greens, mushrooms, sprouts, and herbs. Yum!

The Noodle Box also has two locations in Victoria: Chinatown (626 Fisgard, Victoria, BC, Canada, phone: 250-360-1312) and downtown (818 Douglas, Victoria, BC, Canada, phone: 250-384-1314).

Thai Green Curry from the Noodle Box restaurant in Vancouver

Thai Green Curry from the Noodle Box restaurant in Vancouver

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Tri-ty Cafe (Richmond)

Tri-ty Cafe (map, 130 – 8100 Ackroyd Road, Richmond, BC, Canada, phone: 604-231-8997) is a Taiwanese cafe and bubble-tea house located near #3 Road and Westminster Hwy in Richmond. The restaurant has trendy, modern decor, and serves casual Taiwanese dishes as well as a selection of teas, slushies, ice cream or yogurt shakes, and lots more. I tried the Pudding Ice Cream Smoothie (pictured below, around $5) which was gigantic and the perfect sweet refreshing treat for a hot day. The ice milk that they use is like a slushie, and I was slurping on the cold pudding and ice cream so quickly that it gave me a “brain freeze”.

Cooking Nerd writes (click here for her review, with some more photos):

At most tables you get this little LCD screen that continuously flashes food porn a la Tri-ty, making you wish you had ordered that noodle dish instead of the one you did, then actually making you order more. This is a great tactic!

Large Taiwanese stylee Pudding Icecream Slushie (around $5)

(above) Large Taiwanese style Pudding Icecream Slushie (around $5)

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Shanghai 1949 Chinese Restaurant (West End)

Shanghai 1949 (facebook, 1215 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, phone 604-699-8878) is a modern Chinese bistro located in Vancouver’s downtown West End neighborhood. It was almost 10pm on a warm Monday evening and I happened to be meandering around downtown with a friend, taking in the sights and sounds of citizens at leisure (the next day being Canada Day). The modern decor of this restaurant always intrigued me and we decided to pop in for a quick bite.

The 1949 Spring Rolls ($4.00, pictured below) were quite frankly the best spring rolls I have ever had. I believe they were made with pork, and were incredibly juicy.

The restaurant was all out of Cod fish, but instead the chef prepared a special Malaysian-inspired spicy Tai (snapper) fish, which was bursting with flavor and was quite a generous portion ($12, also pictured below). We also ordered a plate of steamed white rice ($2). Not bad for a late night snack, and I’ll definitely be back to try some of their other selections.

Spring Rolls from Shanghai 1949 Chinese Restaurant ($4.00)

(above) Spring Rolls from Shanghai 1949 Chinese Restaurant ($4.00)

Chef's special Tai fish (also known as Snapper, $12)

(above) Chef’s special Tai fish (also known as Snapper, $12) from Shanghai 1949 Restaurant in downtown Vancouver.

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