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Tsunami Sushi (Downtown, Robson)

Tsunami Sushi (map, 238 – 1025 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, phone: 604-687-8744) is a Japanese sushi restaurant located in the heart of downtown Vancouver on the trendy Robson Street shopping strip (near Burrard Street). At Tsunami, there are boats floating around a central “chef island”. The chefs load the boats with a steady stream of tasty sushi rolls and pieces, which you can grab to eat as they float by. It’s not a fixed price for “all you can eat” however: at the end of the meal, they count up how many empty plates you have and charge you based on how much you ate. Nevertheless, this is a cool concept that makes for a fun dining experience. The quality of the sushi is quite high.

kenjisan10, a reviewer on DineHere.ca writes (read review):

I was at Tsunami’s the other night and had a great meal. My wife and I have been regulars for many years and think the sushi tastes very authentic and is reasonably priced. I’m Japanese and have taken my friends from Japan there and they say the same thing… good “aji” or flavor. Hilary Duff and her entourage were right next to us and apparently (according to the staff) always makes a point to eat there when she is in town. Well she may not be a sushi expert but she can certainly afford to go anywhere where wants. I’m impressed she’s a regular.

The price per person is in the $15 to $30 range, depending on how hungry you are. Pictured below are some of the dishes that we ate.

Sushi in downtown Vancouver

Sushi boats in Vancouver

Vancouver Sushi

Japanese restaurant in downtown Vancouver

Vancouver sushi Robson Street

Vancouver Japanese restaurant downtown

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Goldfish Pacific Kitchen (Yaletown)

Goldfish Pacific Kitchen (web site, 1118 Mainland Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, phone: 604 689-8318) offers West Coast and Pacific Rim cuisine in a trendy, upscale, and lively atmosphere.

This downtown Vancouver restaurant focuses on seafood, with selections such as the ling cod (served with ginger, baby bok-choy vegetable, and a black bean reduction, $22, pictured below), and the wild BC salmon (with Asian BBQ sauce and a snow pea salad, $22, also pictured below). We also tried and enjoyed the miso sake asparagus roll ($8, with mushrooms, marinated tofu, spicy hoisin glaze, pictured below), the wok tossed squid (not pictured, $8), and the creme brulee for dessert (pictured below, $8, served with yummy shortbread cookies).

The restaurant has hip, tasteful decor that is reminiscent of the modern restaurants in recent James Bond movies, and can easily accommodate large groups or provide a more intimate atmosphere for a romantic dinner. Goldfish Pacific Kitchen also has an extensive wine list and a lively bar area that is popular with the upwardly mobile urban socialites of Vancouver’s “yuppie” Yaletown neighborhood.

Unfortunately the restaurant does not cater very well to vegetarians, with only two vegetarian main courses (although the kitchen would most likely accommodate special dietary needs if required). Valet parking is available, and the restaurant is quite near to the Canada Line train station which will be operational in 2009. Visit their web site for the Goldfish menu and more info.

Ling Cod seafood at Goldfish Pacific Kitchen Ling Cod seafood at Goldfish Pacific Kitchen ($22)

Wild BC Salmon at Goldfish Pacific Kitchen ($22)
Wild BC Salmon at Goldfish Pacific Kitchen ($22)

Miso sake asparagus roll at Goldfish Pacific Kitchen ($8)
Miso sake asparagus roll at Goldfish Pacific Kitchen ($8) – the sake is quite strong in this dish!!

Creme Brulee for dessert ($8)
Creme Brulee for dessert ($8). The shortbread cookies were so tasty!

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Cardero’s Restaurant (Downtown)

Cardero’s Restaurant (web site, 1583 Coal Harbour Quay, Vancouver, BC, Canada, phone: 604-669-7666) is an upscale destination for seafood, steaks, wok dishes, and pizza. It’s a generously sized restaurant that sits out on a pier in the Coal Harbour marina, with great waterfront and dock-side views. This is an impressive place to entertain visitors to Vancouver, have a fancy business lunch, or even enjoy a romantic dinner with live music later in the evening.

Cardero’s restaurant is about a 10-15 minute walk along the Coal Harbor waterfront from the Vancouver Convention Center downtown (Canada Place) as well as the downtown business district. It’s also really close to the Westin Bayshore Hotel.

Pictured below are the Fishermen’s Platter (2 fresh oysters, 2 jumbo prawns, 2 slices albacore tuna, 2 slices seared rare ahi tuna, and seaweed salad for $18.95), and the 10oz New York Steak (grilled, seasoned, with pink peppercorn sauce $28.95) to which I added a 1/2 dozen bistro prawns for $5.95.

Fishermen's Platter (prawns, albacore tuna, ahi tuna, seaweed salad, and oyster), $18.95
Fishermen’s Platter (prawns, albacore tuna, ahi tuna, seaweed salad, and oyster), $18.95

Fishermen's Platter (Raw Oysters)
Another view of the same Fishermen’s Platter (Raw Oysters, and various sauces and garnishes such as dijon mustard, wasabi, and pickled ginger)

10oz New York Steak with Bistro Prawns
10oz New York Steak with Bistro Prawns ($28.95 plus $5.95 extra for the prawns)

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