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Ouzeri Greek Restaurant

Ouzeri Greek Restaurant (restaurant’s web site, 3189 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC, phone 604-739-9378) is located in the Kitsilano neighborhood of Vancouver, in the “Greek Town” area of West Broadway that also features several great Greek delicatessens and other Greek restaurants.

“Greek day” (web site) is an annual street festival that happens in this neighborhood in June, and is worth visiting for the food and family fun.

At Ouzeri Restaurant, I enjoyed their lamb special, which was slices of lamb roast served with gravy, a deliciously marinated Greek potato, some boiled peas, and a yummy Greek salad (pictured below, $16.95). The price for entrees at this restaurant is in the $14 to $18 range. They also have a decent wine selection; the numerous bottles are displayed in a rack along one wall of the restaurant.

Ouzeri Greek restaurant lamb roast

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Mr. Greek Taverna in Surrey

Mr. Greek Taverna (6450 120 Street, Surrey, BC (604) 592-0707) provides generous portions of tasty Greek food in a friendly atmosphere. The roast lamb special (pictured below) was about $13.50 before tax.

Roast Lamb

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