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View from the back of a BC Ferry

View from the back of a BC Ferry

BC Ferries take passengers around beautiful British Columbia (BC) Canada by sea. Start off in bustling and cosmopolitan Vancouver, and ride the ferry over to Vancouver Island. On the island you’ll find Victoria, the capital city of BC and a popular tourist destination.

Looking for a longer trip further off the beaten path? Visit the smaller towns on the Island such as Tofino, Ucluelet, Naniamo, Qualicum Beach, Courtenay, and more. The ferries will also take you to the serene and scenic Gulf Islands.

This summer I left the mainland quite a few times, and fortunately for me, there is food service available on board the ferries and in the terminal cafeterias.

Pictured below is some sushi and a ham sandwich (around $10) purchased from the Bread Garden cafeteria at the Swartz Bay Terminal. I bought it while I was waiting in line to go back to Vancouver (incidentally after playing a piano gig in Victoria with vocalist Peggy Hogan’s group – live recording here).

I am a little hesitant to admit that after my 4th ferry trip this summer I started developing a taste for – or rather, an addiction to – the Bread Garden sushi. It is now one of my favorite items offered by the BC Ferries food service – but sushi aficionados will tell you that is a far cry from what you can find in most land-based sushi restaurants in Vancouver or Victoria. One upside about the Bread Garden sushi is that a generous amount of wasabi and pickled ginger is provided, as well as chopsticks.

I put together a short travel video (accessible in the player below, or on Youtube) from a trip I took last year on BC Ferries from Vancouver to Victoria. The video shows some of the food and shopping available at the Tsawassen Terminal and sunset views of the Gulf Islands taken from the ferry itself.

The music in the video is my jazz band, the Geoff Peters Trio, performing live at Cactus Club in West Vancouver on New Years Eve 2007. I (Geoff Peters) was playing piano and joining me was Mark White (bass) and Brennan Saul (drums).

For more ferry food, check out my photo of the salmon entree from the on-board BC Ferries White Spot cafeteria, or the smoked salmon bagel I had at the BC Ferries Tsawassen Terminal (on the Vancouver side). Happy sailing!

BC Ferries Bread Garden Sushi (California roll, around $5)

BC Ferries Bread Garden Sushi (California roll, around $5)

Ham and swiss sandwich from the BC Ferries Cafeteria (around $5.00)

Ham and swiss sandwich from the BC Ferries Cafeteria (around $5.00)

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Urban Sushi (Granville Street) – sushi video

Urban Sushi (web site, map, 562 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, phone 604-783-4889)

I made a visit to Urban Sushi on Granville Street in downtown Vancouver and enjoyed their Chirashi Don sushi (pictured in video below, $11.95) which their menu describes as “various raw fishes on top of sushi rice”. My friend Yang ordered the Oshinko Roll (Japanese pickle) and the Dynamite Roll ($3.95).

The Chirashi Don sushi was really delicious and I had fun making a video of the food (which you can see on Youtube by clicking here or by using the player below).

Urban Sushi is located in the downtown Vancouver business district and is a short walk from Vancouver’s cruise ship terminal (Canada Place), the new Vancouver Trade and Convention centre, and the Granville Skytrain station. The room is pleasant and efficient with long tables and big windows overlooking the Louis Vuitton store across the street.

The restaurant offers sushi delivery/catering service (for orders $50 and up), to nearby offices and apartments. Check out their web site for more details.

Urban Sushi in downtown Vancouver BC Canada (Business district). Chirashi Don bowl sushi $11.95.

Urban Sushi in downtown Vancouver BC Canada (Business district). Chirashi Don bowl sushi $11.95.

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EPIC Vancouver 2009 – Sustainable Living Expo (Video)

Yesterday I attended the EPIC Vancouver 2009 Sustainable Living Expo, a trade show in Vancouver focusing on green consumer lifestyles and an eco-marketplace.

The show ran from May 8th to 10th 2009 – but don’t worry if you missed it; you can soon visit the trade show’s web site for more info about next year’s show.

Highlights included a speech by Summer Rayne Oakes, ‘the Eco super-model’ who talked about sustainability and the environment, as well as her career as an entrepreneur among other things.

Also there were many eco-friendly merchants such as Vital Gifts selling fair-trade and organic foods and gifts.

I checked out the cool electric cars and fancy bikes, and listened to knowledgeable gardener Steve Whysall, author and Vancouver Sun gardening editor, talk about healthy, sustainable and fuss-free gardens. It was interesting to hear how he makes his garden weed-free by pulling up the weeds before they get a chance to bloom.

The trade show took place at Vancouver’s brand new Trade and Convention Centre which is downtown on the waterfront next to the cruise ship terminal, the Pan Pacific Hotel, CN IMAX Theatre, and Canada Place.

I made a video journal of my experiences attending the conference and have posted it below (or you can view it on Youtube by clicking here). Hope you enjoy Vancouver’s great Spring and eventually Summer weather!  -Geoff

Summer Rayne Oakes, the Eco-Supermodel, talking at the EPIC Vancouver 2009 Trade Show.

Summer Rayne Oakes, the "Eco-Supermodel", talking at the EPIC Vancouver 2009 Trade Show.

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