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Speakeasy on Granville

The Speakeasy on Granville (map, 921 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, phone: 604-685-5531) is a pub located on the downtown Granville strip between Smithe and Nelson (closer to Smithe).

Digging up on Wikipedia reveals a bit about the history of the Speakeasy:

A speakeasy was an establishment which illegally sold alcoholic beverages during the period of United States history known as Prohibition (1920–1932, longer in some states).

Darien, a writer from Vancouver, comments on (click here to read review):

The drink prices are downtown average and the place is deceptively large. I often come to this spot when I want to get a drink late on a Friday or Saturday night. Due to the size of the room, one tends to be able to sit down most times during the evening. This is certainly not a destination, but true to the name is a relaxed place to unwind.

Pictured below are the nachos and beer that I ordered with my friends. The food tasted great, and was around $10.

Nachos from the Speakeasy on Granville (pub in downtown Vancouver).

Nachos from the Speakeasy on Granville (pub in downtown Vancouver).

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Yaletown Brew Pub (Part 3)

I made another visit to the Yaletown Brew Pub (web site, map, 1111 Mainland St., Vancouver BC Canada, phone: 604-681-2739) and enjoyed their Mac and Cheese lunch entree (pictured below) which was served with Chorizo sausage and lots of premium cheese. The accompanying salad had goat cheese crumbled on it. Yum! It was around $14 for the lunch.

For more info on the Yaletown Brewing Company, please view Part 2 and Part 1. The restaurant is offering a special 3 course meal during Dine Out Vancouver 2009.

Video from Yaletown Brewing Company:

Macaroni and Cheese with Chorizo sausage (around $14) with lots of premium cheese. Salad had goat cheese crumbled on it. From Yaletown Brew Pub in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Macaroni and Cheese with Chorizo sausage (around $14) with lots of premium cheese. Salad had goat cheese crumbled on it. From Yaletown Brew Pub in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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Zachary’s on Robson (Lunch near BC Place Stadium)

I made another lunch time visit to Zachary’s on Robson (map, web site, 121 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC, phone 604-605-1472) and was very pleased with the food this time. Apparently the restaurant is under new management, and I think the chefs are really on the ball now.

(please read to the end for the free coupon info)

Their menu is almost the same – a selection of pastas, sandwiches, burgers, and fancier items such as seafood, steak, and appies, priced quite reasonably for the downtown neighborhood. (The restaurant is part of the Hampton Inn and Suites hotel and is immediately across the street from BC Place Stadium.)

I had ordered several different cream-based pastas from Zachary’s on my previous visits, but for some reason the flavors of the sauce seemed a bit off, maybe a strange aftertaste -it’s hard to describe, but I can tell when a restaurant does its pasta sauce right. This time I was extremely happy to take the first few bites of my gorgonzola penne ($12.95, pictured below) and finally encounter a pasta sauce that frankly delighted my tastebuds with honestly good and sophisticated creamy sensations. The aftertaste was clean and faded away quickly, preparing my palate for the next bite. I made it through the entire, generous dish without getting tired of the ingredients, which is a problem I run into when eating huge amounts of pasta at places like Antons in Burnaby. (Well, thinking again, it was good except to maybe the third or second to last bite, but this was pretty much the best as I could expect for a pasta costing $12.95).

For more info, check out my reviews from previous visits Part 5, Part 4, Part 3, Part 2, Part 1

Gorgonzola Penne Pasta from Zacharys on Robson ($12.95)

Gorgonzola Penne Pasta from Zachary's on Robson ($12.95)

Free Coupon! I was given two coupons by the restaurant in my bill, and I would like to give them away to some readers of this site who are interested in trying the food. The first coupon has $3 Off Lunch (“Join us for lunch and receive $3 off per couple or $1.50 for a single lunch, Valid until June 30th, 2009”), and the second coupon has $5 off dinner for a couple on one side, and on the other side, a pre-game event prime rib dinner special for $13.95.

Please note that in order to get these discounts you’ll need to get the actual coupon from me, since they won’t accept printouts. If you’d like a coupon, please email me ( and first person who emails me will get one coupon. Second person will get the other coupon. You can pick the coupon up from me in Yaletown.

I’ll post a message here when the coupons are gone.

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